CLAC History

Our Centre was originally the Fremantle Centre, and was based at Fremantle Oval, commencing on November 4, 1972. The original 5 clubs were Southerners, North Lake, Coolbellup, Mosman Park and East Hamilton Hill.

Winterfold club joined in 1973/74, followed by East Fremantle and then Phoenix Park in 1976. Southerners and East Fremantle finished as clubs in 1975. Mosman Park became Cottesloe. Yangebup Lakes joined in 1984/85, Lakes in 1990/91, Jandakot Flyers in 1993/94, Spearwood in 1997/98 and Hammond Park 2010/11.

The centre has moved several times, originally from Fremantle Oval to Bruce Lee Oval and then back to Fremantle Oval, then on to Hilton Reserve and as now in 1984/85 to Santich Park where we have since changed our name to Cockburn Centre (incorporating Fremantle).

Unfortunately the move to Santich Park saw Cottesloe elect to move on and lack of numbers forced out Winterfold in 1991.

Other clubs to have faded away include Lakes, St Jeromes, Spearwood and two of the originals in Coolbellup and North Lake who amalgamated with Yangebup Lakes, Hammond Park and most recently, East Hamilton Hill

Some of our past athletes include Olympian James Miller and Commonwealth Games representative Ryan Moore. Former athletes also include well known footballers Brad Hardie and John Worsfold.


With the help of many we have been able to build up an impressive volume and quality of equipment including horizontal jump run ups, storage facility and most recently the electronic timing systems.

As the City of Cockburn and surrounding areas continues to see significant growth Cockburn LAC is currently investigating the possibility of creating a new club east of the Kwinana Freeway.