Cockburn Little Athletics competition runs over 12 competition Saturdays with a break prior to Christmas, recommencing early to mid-January. Rosters are essential for ensuring our competition can operate. As a parent/guardian you will be expected to fill your clubs roster positions when required (each club has different roster requirements).

Along with the Rostered position, parent help is essential at the various events. You will be expected to help out at many of the activities as a volunteer; raking the sand pit, returning a javelin, measuring a jump, and this will depend on the age group and the number of parents available.

What this means is Athletics isn't a drop and go sport or one you will sit on the sidelines for majority of the morning. The up side to this is that you will have an unique experience by being right where the action is when your child competes.

For further information please contact your club on what the roster commitments will be.